Caution! Borrowing money costs money

Importing a car

Have your car imported by DR Motors

DR Motors will search all across Europe and find what you are looking for

Finding the right car is not always plain sailing. You may have a certain type of car in mind that we don’t currently have in our range.

No problem! DR Motors will search for your ideal car on your behalf. We will start the search using your specific model and budget requirements. Our extended network of foreign partners means that we will always meet your expectations. We do this discretely and with the utmost confidence.

Want to import a car? Benefits of importing a car through DR Motors:

Competitive rates

A single fixed contact person

Personal advice on financing

Option of up to a 5-year warranty

Full range of dealership services, even after purchase

We will find the car you are looking for

Before we even kick off our search, we will examine your requirements in depth. Only then will we contact our foreign partners. Our experience and understanding of the market, as well as our knowledge of current asking prices, means that we will find exactly the car that meets your requirements. 

Checking, negotiating and importing the car

We check the chassis number of all cars that meet your requirements. This enables us to trace the maintenance history. We then start the negotiations. This means that you will gain an understanding of the actual condition of the car and you will not be faced with any surprises. 

Your car is ready to go

After approval, we will arrange the transportation and importation of your car and the registration, customs clearance and inspection. When all the administrative details are in order, we can perform a final maintenance check and give your car one last wash so that you can drive it home with full peace of mind.

Why import a car?

Tax advantages

Importing a car from Germany, for instance, allows us to write off a large part of the CO2 tax (private vehicle and motorcycle tax). This means that the price of the car will be considerably lower than its original new value.

Financial advantages

Buying a car is costly. However, did you know that prices can vary widely in different countries? It is certainly worthwhile looking at models sold by foreign dealers, particularly for new and second-hand cars. 

Custom design

DR Motors has a wide range of cars, but you may be looking for a car that we do not currently have in stock. We will be pleased to help you with your search for the ideal car that is personalised to your lifestyle and has a personalised design.