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So much more than just a car dealership

We offer appropriate guidance, competitive pricing, and personalised advice. We provide a full service in house.

DR Motors: an experienced car dealership that is up to date with the latest equipment

DR Motors has been involved with the car trade since 2011. The Blauwe Toren Bruges business park has been our home ever since day one. Our site is over 7,000 m2. In 2018, we expanded our car dealership with a brand-new 3,000 m2 showroom. This is the perfect place to show off our models in all their glory to our customers. We went a step further in 2019 with our own workshop, equipped with all the latest equipment, a car wash and a 360° photo studio. 

Add to this our strategic location next to the Bruges office of the Belgian Motor Vehicle Testing Agency (KM) and we have everything in house to be able to deliver your car in the fastest possible time.

Car dealership with a workshop & car wash

After you have purchased your car, we will also continue to provide you with services in our workshop and car wash. Our car dealership can quickly help with the repair and maintenance of your car, but also with fitting all kinds of accessories.

360° photo studio

Would you like to see your next car with the ultimate 3D experience? We have the tools in our 360° photo studio! We automatically photograph every car from all sides and angles. This is a handy way to find out more about a certain model from a distance. Our turntable and perfectly coordinated lighting means that all the images are razor-sharp, right down to the smallest detail. The images are sleeker and more stylish than you have ever seen before.

Our team: experts in new and second-hand cars

Our team will be pleased to welcome you to our showroom in Bruges whether you are visiting us to purchase or sell a new or second-hand car, for maintenance or for an informative chat. Our personalised approach enables us to help get you on the road quickly and easily.