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Car insurance

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Car insurance is compulsory, but what is the best car insurance? There are various types of car insurance that have considerable differences. This means it is not always so easy to choose an appropriate kind. We take the weight off your shoulders and hold discussions with our partners on your behalf. We then compare the car insurance policies for you. We present you with various quotes within 24 hours, with a focus on competitive rates, and we keep your needs and requirements in mind. 

You can take out all types of car insurance through DR Motors. As we are your regular point of contact, we can also quickly step in if you make a damage claim and we guarantee a rapid follow-up.  

Competitive prices

The price of your car insurance depends on many factors. We consider all of these factors when we compare the various car insurance policies, and we act fully in your interest.

An answer within 24 hours

We will get started right away on finding the best car insurance for your car. We will have the various quotes ready for you within 24 hours. Our well-considered advice will let you get back on the road in no time, with peace of mind.

We step in quickly

Nevertheless, should the unexpected happen, we can step in very quickly as your regular point of contact. We will keep a close eye on everything, and we guarantee a perfect follow-up. 

Compare car insurance – the various types of insurance in a nutshell

Third-party insurance: compulsory insurance

If someone else suffers damage due to your fault, imprudence or negligence, you will be held liable. This means that you are obliged to compensate the victim and you will have to repair the damage or pay compensation.

Fully comprehensive insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance is a form of insurance that supplements third-party insurance and it covers any possible damage to your car. Third-party insurance does not do this – it only compensates the other party. If you have a new car or have recently purchased a car, you are particularly recommended to take out fully comprehensive insurance.

Legal assistance insurance

Legal assistance insurance protects your interests if you suffer or cause damage.

Travel assistance insurance

Travel assistance insurance ensures that you get immediate assistance in the event of a car accident. Third-party insurance often includes the option of assistance for persons, but you can also take this out separately. Furthermore, assistance insurance protects you all around the world, even if you are not travelling in your car.

Driver’s policy

Compulsory third-party insurance reimburses the damage suffered by third parties, but never the damage suffered by the driver. This is always excluded from the cover. If you would like to insure yourself against physical injury as a driver, it is best to take out driver’s insurance.