Caution! Borrowing money costs money

Extensive garage service

Everything from fitting accessories and repairing windscreens to refilling air-conditioning and wheel alignment

In-house workshop & car wash

Once you have purchased your car, we will be pleased to provide you with our full range of dealership services. Our workshop has a car wash and we can quickly help you with repairs and maintenance on your car. For instance, you can count on us for wheel alignment, refilling your air-conditioning, repairing your windscreen and body work as well as installing accessories. 


Discover the additional products for your car

Step 1

Is your car due a service or does it need repairs? Do you have any questions? Contact us to make an appointment.             

Step 2

Bring in your car to us. We will identify the issue and provide you with a quote.

Step 3

Upon acceptance of the offer, we will set to work, so that you can get back on the road quickly and safely. 

Step 4

Your car is ready! If you prefer, we can wash your car while you enjoy a coffee in our modern waiting room with Wi-Fi.

Does your car need repair or a service? 

DR Motors will be pleased to help you get back on your road safely!