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Car financing

Choose your car financing: settle in one payment, pay through leasing and other options

The right car financing formula

There are various financing options available when you purchase a new or second-hand car. You can pay in one go, opt for leasing or choose a different form of financing. DR Motors enables business and private customers to easily and instantly make the right choice when financing their car, including options for the duration and the deposit.


We will search with our partners to find the best deal for your financing. We do this by comparing different banks and products so that we can present you with a suitable deal. 


With your permission, we quickly move on to confirming your financing plan. You can drive away in your new car within 24 hours.

Tailored to you

We always provide you with personalised, honest advice with the necessary discretion, and our trade expertise. We surpass your requirements throughout the entire process. We will also be pleased to assist you with our full range of dealership services after your purchase. 

Types of car financing

Private individuals

- Traditional financing

Traditional financing allows you to spread the payment of your car. It has a minimum duration of 24 months and a maximum duration of 84 months, depending on the age of your car. You can determine the amount of the deposit.

- Balloon financing

A balloon financing plan allows you to make fixed monthly repayments over a fixed period of time. At the end of that period, there will be an outstanding amount of roughly 25% to 50%, which is also known as the ‘residual value’. There are two options at the end of the contract. You can either pay the residual amount and keep the car or choose not to pay the residual amount and return the car.


- Lease financing

With this type of contract, you pay a fixed amount each month to hire the vehicle. This car hire enables you to amortise the vehicle in your accounts. Furthermore, the lease contract also includes the option to purchase the car. The purchase value is determined when you sign the contract (the statutory maximum value is 15%) From a tax perspective, you can enter the vehicle on your balance sheet under tangible assets.

Advantages of lease financing:

Lease financing allows you to spread the costs and even stipulate the duration (36 to 60 months) that best fits your budget. It also means that you avoid having to pre-finance the VAT. In addition, the purchase option gives you the possibility to own the vehicle at the end of the contract. 

- Hire purchase

With hire purchase, the residual value is explicitly stated when you sign the contract. The amount is greater than 15% of the investment, excluding VAT.

Advantages of hire purchase:

As with lease financing, you can spread the costs and even set the duration (36 to 60 months) that best fits your budget. From a tax point of view, this kind of financing offers the following advantages: no pre-financing of the VAT, you retain capital and credit lines at your bank, and you can enter invoices as hire costs in the profit and loss account.

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